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The Surpising Truth About Who First Carved Into "The Bridgewater Triangle Explorer's Tree:" An Interview With the Bridgewater Triangle's own, Horror Writer James Michael Rice

Early on in my exploration of the Bridgewater Triangle, I spent a lot of time with one Joseph DeAndrade, Bridgewater Triangle researcher and alleged Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot witness. DeAndreade and I spent hours talking on the phone about his experiences hunting for Bigfoot and discussing our theories on this strange area where we live. We took many hikes through Hockomock Swamp. One day, he said he wanted to show me something very special: "The Bridgewater Triangle Explorer's Tree." The tree is located off the Elm Street Hockomock Swamp path and for all means, is hidden in the middle of nowhere. It took us two trips back to the swamp to find it, but we did (with the help of a helpful young man who knew that area of the swamp like the back of his hand.) So there we the tree. The over-sized Beech Tree was covered in carvings. The two most profound carving being "Welcome to the Triangle" and another, a very creepy looking carving that simply