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Top Ten Quirky Quincy "Firsts"

It is well known that John Adams and John Quincy Adams--the second and sixth presidents of the United States--were both born in Quincy. A father and son both becoming president was an unbroken record for 175 years, until George Bush Jr. was elected president in the year 2000. But this claim to fame is certainly not Quincy's only "first." From being home to the first Dunkin Donuts in America to housing the world's "largest most nearly perfect sphere," Quincy is a city of many quirky "firsts."  America’s First Sin City  What happened in Merrymount, stayed in Merrymount. Merrymount, the first colony of Quincy, was settled in 1625 by Thomas Morton….who was sick and tired of all the pilgrim rules and just wanted a place to have a little fun. So he made this town his own, erected a may pole, started brewing some beer and got his party on. Everyone was welcome--both pilgrim and Indian alike--to eat, drink and be merry (and partake in