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The Haunting of Brockton Hospital

I found this little gem of a ghost story last spring while scouring local newspaper archives for Bridgewater Triangle area ghost stories. This one--the account of a ghost known as the "Shadowy Screecher of Brockton City Hospital"--had police, doctors, nurses, patients and watchmen on high alert on Halloween night of 1926. But to everyone's disappointment, the ghost pulled a no show. The following article was published in The Boston Globe on November 1, 1926.   Hospital Ghost Spurns Halloween Fails to Perform for Brockton Watchers Old Tunnel Beneath the Building May Solve Mystery BROCKTON, Oct 31--Halloween, the time of ghosts and goblins, queer noises and gibberings, passed without any manifestation from the "Shadowy Screecher" of Brockton City Hospital. For a week "The Ghost" has made nightly visits to the hospital, and in the wee-hours of the morning patients, nurses and even members of Brockton police force were startled, and in some cases,