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THE SHALLOWS OF MILL COVE, FORE RIVER, WEYMOUTH For a generation traumatized by JAWS, it’s truly a nightmare come true: Aggressive great white sharks have invaded the beaches of our beloved Cape Cod,. No doubt the summer of 2018 will be remembered as the summer of the great white shark, the summer  that it all changed. When we in masses grew from complacent to weary when it came to our fear of sharks. Those Massachusetts children like myself PJT (Post Jaws Trauma) have been told our entire lives that our fears were unfounded. That JAWS was JUST a movie. TIme and time again I would be schooled on how great white sharks don’t like the cold water of the Atlantic. That it was just fiction. Period. As summer heated up, so did the shark activity with incident after incident reported and often recorded via beachgoers' cell phones. First, an enormous great white was caught on a drone trailing an unsuspecting paddle boarder at the end of July in Orleans. The following week a great white lea