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Welcome To Crazy Town

The craziness that ensues in the Bridgewater Triangle often happens in clusters. It seems one of those clusters is underway in the town of Bridgewater and it's next door neighbor, East Bridgewater right now. From the end of April to mid-May Bridgewater police have had to respond to 911 calls you would hardly expect from a quiet college town. A Bridgewater woman is drugged, restrained with wire and imprisoned in her own home for a month before being rescued by a family member on May 18th. In the span of two weeks, Bridgewater police respond to not one, but two threats of "suicide by cop" by people driven over the edge, yielding guns. And on May 16th, a bomb threat is called in to Bridgewater-Raynham High School. In East Bridgewater, a model citizen is exposed as a serial rapist whose been on the loose for years, disguising himself as a Massachusetts State Trooper, getting his helpless victims into his car by telling them they were in trouble. Sounds like the plot line