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The Bridgewater Triangle's Freaky Little Waterman's Bird Farm

  Bob Waterman's unique brand of advertising stands on the side of the road off of Route 105 in Halifax.  Not paranormal--but far from normal--is a freaky little farm tucked away on Old Summit Street in Halifax, right off of haunted route 105. There are signs everywhere leading the way. They want you to come. The signs pointing to the farm are adorned with eye catching decorations like plastic snowmen and Santa Clauses. You follow the weathered signs and you arrive at what looks to be at first glance a place that's half Pee Wee's Playhouse and half house of horrors.      Dirty stuffed animals and dolls dangle by their necks from trees. Old spring rocking horses are everywhere. You ask yourself, what the hell is this place?   You feel like you are trespassing into the mind of a madman. You suddenly get the feeling you shouldn't be here. That's when the cutest old man welcomes you to his farm and asks you if you would