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Bridgewater Triangle Alligators: Eight Gator Sightings Documented By Newspapers

An alligator in Brockton is captured by a local firefighter in the summer of 2010 after it is seen crossing a residential street.  1. July, 1929. Abington A five-foot long alligator is seen “roaming about wherever he chooses and devouring whatever appeals to his taste." The gator is not captured. 2. March, 2005. Rehoboth  A local boy encountered two alligators. He kills one, while the other gets away. The second reptile is never found. 3. July, 2005, Middleboro A 5-foot alligator is found in Stump Pond in Middleboro. Police lure the creature out of the water with a chicken as bait.  3. July, 2005, Brockton A 4 ½ foot alligator makes an appearance at D.W. Field Park in Brockton. After a small chase, police are able to capture the gator. 4. August, 2005, Brockton A second alligator is spotted at D.W. Field Park in Brockton. 5. September, 2005. Abington A five-foot long alligator takes up residence at Island Grove pond. The creature is not c