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Haunted Hull: Three True Ghost Stories To Chill You To The Bone

This mural depicts the esteemed Captain Joshua James, keeper of the lifesavers station and witness to a spectral horse and buggy. The oldest towns in the Bridgewater Triangle area seem to harbor the biggest mysteries. And Hull, a seaside town settled just one year after the arrival of the Mayflower, is certainly no exception. With over 75 shipwrecks off its rocky coast, legends of monstrous sea serpents lurking in its waters, mysterious pea soup fogs that roll in and out in a matter of seconds...Hull is the perfect backdrop for tales of the macabre. These chilling tales are all true and shockingly, were well documented in the highly reputable Boston Globe. The Silent Black Bay Horse And Empty Carriage “One night the captain says the buggy rolled past him on the road leading to Stony Beach.Having heard much about the specter buggy, he hurried after it, when to his surprise, instead of turning to the right in the direction of Nantasket, or to the the left toward Ba