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Top Ten Oddities of the Bridgewater Triangle

The "Human Skeleton," Isaac Sprague, hailed from the Bridgewater Triangle. 1. The longest epitaph in the United States is located in a Rehoboth cemetery 2. Three P.T. Barnham circus "freaks" hailed from here, including Middleboro's Tom Thumb and East Bridgewater's "The Human Skeleton"  3. The first boundary line in the United States is located in Abington at the Bridgewater Triangle’s furthest most delineated northern map point. 4. In the summer of 2014, a beluga whale--a species usually found in the arctic--was spotted in the Bridgewater Triangle making its way down the Taunton River. Soon after, the whale would be followed by the world's second largest shark species, for a basking shark was seen and caught on video in the same exact river. 5. In 1906, bones of “a giant” were discovered in Middleboro 6. Alligators, seals, emu, peacocks, cow moose, bears, Africal Sevral, panthers and mountain lions have all been fou