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Legend Tripping: The Haunts of Taunton & Rehoboth

Most residents of Taunton and Rehoboth frown upon the national attention their towns have gained as being among the most active paranormal areas in the country. Try visiting such famed haunted sites as Shad Factory Pond and Palmer River Burial Ground and neighbors will come right out their houses and ask you to leave. Residents will come right out and ask you what you are you doing there. They know exactly what you are doing here. But you feel you have to hide your agenda. You can try to tell them that you are bird watching or from a Historical Society, but they won’t buy it. The police that arrive about 30 seconds after you get to Taunton State Hospital seem a little more understanding of your curiosity, as long as you are polite and honest. But they still will demand that you leave…and in timely fashion. Next, you want to next visit the famed Hornbine School in Rehoboth, a “haunted” site that makes it’s way into virtually every book and article about the subject of paranormal ac

The Bridgewater Triangle & The King Philip War Theory: A Basic View

In the mid-1970s, cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman noticed an inundation of reports coming from the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area. Tales of Bigfoot sightings, Thunderbird sightings, and other cryptozoological wonders made Coleman stop and take notice. In his correspondence and research with others interested in the area, such as Peter Rodman,  Coleman knew there was something special here...this area that Bridgewater residents jokingly dubbed "The Bridgewater Triangle." Coleman liked the name and ran with it. Over thirty years later, reports of bizarre run-ins with ghosts, UFOs, and other otherworldly beings continue, making The Bridgewater Triangle one of the most charged paranormal hotspots in the world. Why is this area a magnet for paranormal activity? Some Bridgewater Triangle investigators believe that the answer lies in history. King Philip's War was statistically the bloodiest war ever to be fought on American soil. The punishments inflicted during the war th